Welcome to the St Dominic’s Priory College BYOD Program

At St Dominic’s Priory College, students have the choice to purchase and bring to school their own device as part of a BYOD program.

The scope of the device usage in the classroom has expanded in recent years and by facilitating a BYOD model, we intend to empower students to take individual responsibility and give them direct involvement in the way they use technology in their learning to support their educational pathway. 

Students’ use of technology and communication devices has become normalised to the extent that many already have, and are extremely comfortable using multiple devices available to them at home and on the move. Additionally, the College environment should support the development of future ready skills that lead to a smooth transition to senior study or the workplace.

Students have the following options:

  1. To be issued with a College owned laptop device, as currently occurs.
  2. To purchase or bring a device they already own that meets the minimum specifications outlined in the BYOD Agreement document.

Whilst families can choose to purchase devices from their preferred vendor, the College has made it easy for families to purchase devices that meet the minimum specifications outlined in the College’s BYOD Agreement document via this portal.

  • These products have been specifically chosen as they are the most suitable products for the use of students within the school.
  • These products are Education specific models, and differ from the retail products found in stores.  Education specific products are designed with students in mind, and are built for school conditions (such as being transported in schoolbags, and extra wear.
  • They have extra onsite (at school) warranties and the ability for accidental damage repair options.

Please remember that it is the responsibility of the student to ensure their device is protected. The school takes no responsibility for damage / lost / stolen equipment, and strongly recommends that families protect devices with private accidental damage insurance and/or warranty. These options are available with any device purchased via this portal.

Please select a device option to continue:

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